I can work with you to understand your specific IT quandary and provide expert guidance and help implement solutions.

Some of the Benefits to your organization:

  • Expertise available to businesses of all sizes
  • No full time FTE needed
  • Only agreed time taken
  • Known costs up front
  • Follow ups available on demand
  • Part time expertise
  • Personalised focus

The Services offered fall into three main themes which are Problems, People and Partnership


Below is a non-exhaustive list of the kind of problems that businesses face and the kind of problems that can help with.

  • What is actually going on in the IT department?
  • Business complaints about IT Services?
  • Lack of transparency of IT Services?
  • Not sure how IT Providers, Vendors or Internal Departments are performing?
  • Which Vendor\Provider\System should be used?
  • Development and Support not working together?
  • Is the technical advice supplied correct?
  • Are the IT Management Processes working effectively?
  • Should we be Agile or Waterfall?
  • How can we implement Devops?
  • Need a Project Manager for a short period?
  • Lots of serious IT Outages?


  • Recruit the right person for a role.
  • Mentoring team members.
  • Team improvement programs.


  • Need advice available part time from someone who understands the environment. can help you today. Send a message on the Contact page or just mail